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Welcome to Northern Virginia's Largest and Most Popular Children's Clothing Consignment Shop! 
Visit the Consignment section of our website for more information on How To Consign.  Also check out:

Thank you for consigning with us!

At LL&L we strive to offer the best quality clothing to our customers. To continue to offer great clothing at reasonable prices, as well as keep processing time to a minimum, we ask for your help by thoroughly examing your items before dropping off. During our quality checking process at drop off, it is not uncommon to find one or two items that missed your final check. However, at your drop off if we return over 25 items, we will charge a $20 processing fee.

To ensure that you are bringing in items of the best quality for our store, please examine them closely at home. We will not accept any clothes with: stains, tears, rips, missing buttons/broken zippers, and/or missing belts

*If your drop off has more than the public limit of 60 items, and you are not currently a Club Member, your account may be charged $20 for the Gold membership.  This allows a limit of 200 items instead of 60.

For large items / non-clothing items, like baby gear, please check our website for the  2017 accepted list.  Please call the shop and we will work you in!

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Fall/Winter
    Please be sure to check our website for updates before dropping off.  There are some brand names we are no longer accepting.
  • Club Membership
    Royal Club Members, please call the store to get on the season's calendar.
  • New Consignor
    If you have never dropped off before, and are not on the calendar, please call the store (703) 488-9948 to make an appointment.
  • Drop, Run and Donate
    A New Option: Drop, Run and Donate
    If you donate your "no thank yous", you may drop off 20 items or less.  No waiting around.  Complete the paperwork and leave. 

    Please call the store to schedule.  Please note this is only for those who are not already on the calendar.  1 drop off per season.



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